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(SSF) Sharique Sarwar Films Pvt. Ltd. is a Film Production and Advertising Company focused on quality screenplay, eye-catching visuals, innovative design and branding. Our in-house team produce commercial, corporate video, music album, short film, web series, wedding film etc. We are not only limited to develop content but also promote and advertise your brand globally. We want customers to feel as though they can rely on your company to provide exactly what they need. We strive to provide an exceptional service that always delivers on time in your budget.

We are expert in the following stages of film production

Development – The first stage in which the ideas for the film are created (Right to play, Screenplay, Financing)

Pre-production – Arrangements and preparations are made for the shoot (Hiring cast and film crew, selecting locations and sets)

Production – The raw footage and other elements for the film are recorded during the film shoot

Post-production – The images, sound and visual effects of the recorded film are edited

Distribution – Advertising, branding and promotion of visuals and contents.

Mission & Vision

MISSION – This is your day and we would make it memorable for a lifetime

VISION – We wish to see you on a better platform through our services.

WORK – Our team visualise your imagination into creative contents and promote digitally to reach the target customers

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